Our Story

The idea was born on the way home from a stadium visit. The idea was to help fans make the most of their stadium experience, even if it’s their first time in a new stadium.

By fans,
for fans.

So we started building ArenaFans and put the stadium at the center.

Our main goal is to provide all fans in the world with a new end-to-end stadium experience covering all needs a fan have. From social, to information to loyalty.

We believe that with the anonymous data that the platform produces, we are able to offer Data Analytics as a Service to help stadium operators improve their services in real time.

So we are building an influence platform.

Why should we keep the technology to ourselves? There is no reason for that.

On top of that we believe that the technology we build can be used for multiple use cases to build vertical social networks.

Businesses or hobbies can be easily covered. Building your global customer and partner network, or look for the best public tennis courts in the world? Fining a practice partner at your level?