3Jguys GmbH is currently preseed financed by business angels. Getting this budget in we started to make next development steps by moving the platform away from it’s MVP status. We plan to be finished mid 2022 with that. 2nd half of the ear we are focussing again on sales & marketing and getting next investor on board.

The budget split currently is with 30/70 with majority on development. We believe in develop value to our fans is the only foundation for sustainable grow and strong individual engagement on the platform. With the next financing round we will move ratio into 50/50 – spreading the word.

Our marketing strategy is heavily focussing on growth hacking. Currently we do not believe in classic marketing tools like MobileAds or SearchAds. Beyond that, we go personally to the stadium, talking to fans, not only for acquisition reasons but also to get their feedback about the app.

Are you interested in investing?

Great. Send a note to to get access to dedicated material and direct contact to the founders.